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Max Linsen

Development director

Max is responsible for project development, fundraising and partnerships. Max is a water systems engineer by training. He worked for the Dutch water management agency, the European Commission (DG CLIMA), the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and various NGOs. He speaks Dutch, French, English, German, Portuguese  and some Russian. 

Bruno Capon

Director field hydrology

Bruno leads project implementation, for example installation and operationalization of climate and hydromet observation stations, and cost-benefit assessments for water information systems. Trained as an engineer in hydrological modelling and fluid mechanics, he has a wealth of experience in hydrometry, hydrological modelling, and hydropower planning and economic assessment in mountainous regions in Europe. 

He speaks French, English and Norwegian. 

Portolan's Board 


Laura Turley is Senior Science Policy Manager at the Geneva Water Hub. Her research focuses on the operation of institutions and infrastructure in the context of water scarcity, and on the conditions required for collective action and equitable water allocation in local and transboundary settings. 



Alexandre Grassigny is Governance Manager at the NDC Partnership.


Johannes Schreuder is Head of Enterprise at Rewilding Europe, developping new business opportunities resulting from wild nature.

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