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Climate change leads to more frequent and more intense extreme weather events all around the globe, triggering natural disasters and increasing industrial accidents.

Mountainous regions are particularly prone to retreating glaciers and decreasing snow cover caused by climate change.

Our vision is a world where natural risks to people and the environment are known and rationally acknowledged.   


Our goal is to improve the availability and quality of information that is needed to manage climate risks related to water demand and water resources. 


We aim to achieve our goal by installing and connecting reliable climate observation and hydrological monitoring stations that allow for long-term monitoring of the weather, the climate and river flow.


We provide trainings to develop the human resources needed for safely operating and maintaining the measurement network, and for retrieval and interpretation measured data.  


We work globally, while we focus on countries of Central-Asia and the Caucasus. Mountainous regions face significant challenges in terms of water resources and disaster risk management, especially in a changing climate.

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