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Our projects

At Portolan, we cooperate with partners in water management, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, nature based solutions or natural resources management to achieve our objectives. As a non for profit organisation, we shape projects combining technology, community engagement, and training. As such we aim to forge a sustainable path towards a future where water resources are protected, conserved, and allocated wisely.




WE-ACT: Water Efficient Allocation in a Central Asian Transboundary River Basin. This

project improves decision-making on water allocation based on better information, to support water management practices in the Naryn and Kara Darya river basins in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

WE-ACT aims to help national and transboundary water decision-makers to optimize water allocation in the face of climate variability and change. By integrating sensor-based measurements, water demand and supply models, and elaborate stakeholder involvement, WE-ACT empowers decision-makers with strategic insights into water availability, demand, and usage patterns.

In WE-ACT project, Portolan leads the work on improving the existing hydrometeorlogical network in cooperation with the Central Asian Institute of Applied Geosciences and University of Fribourg. 

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Climate and River Stations

In addition to WE-ACT, we champion the installation of climate and river stations as part of our broader water measurement initiatives. These stations serve as critical monitoring hubs, gathering essential data on precipitation, river flow and climatic patterns. By deploying a network of these stations, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the water dynamics in a region, facilitating informed decision-making for water management projects. Ultimately, these climate and river stations contribute to building resilience against climate change impacts and facing extreme events.

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